Last winter I had the privilege of recreating a logo for Brock Candles Inc—a small family business that is no longer in operation. Since the original logo was created before computers, it had to be painted by hand. All that remained were some photographs of the hand-painted logo. I thought it was neat that Weston wanted to have the logo recreated digitally, so his family could continue to print it, share it, and pass it down to future generations. I approached this design by placing a photograph of the original logo as a locked template in illustrator, then I built the vector logo on top of it. The main typeface is recreated from the ground up, and the secondary typeface matched one I had purchased for my font library. Since every element was hand-painted, even the boarder around the logo had variations and inconsistencies, so I carefully matched each stroke. The candle is symbolic of peace and it's history goes back to the 1970s. After delivering the logo, Weston reached out to me to report the reaction from his grandmother. When she saw it, she was in tears because it meant so much to her. I loved hearing that the logo was well received because it so closely resembled the original. This is why I do what I do. I am so honored to play a part in keeping history alive.
“Thank you so much Jess! You did a masterful job of recreating this logo! I didn't want this part of my families history to fade and now, thanks to you, it wont! It meant so much to my grandmother and to the rest of my family!” – Weston Brock