During my last term in college, Westside: A Jesus Church reached out to me with a dream project. The Pastor of Kids Ministry wanted a hand drawn map of the Ancient Roman Empire to use as a teaching tool in their class rooms. Accepting their offer was a great opportunity to include a real-world project in my student portfolio. In addition to working with the Kids Ministry Pastor, I partnered with Aaron Joel Underwood — who oversaw the creative art direction. Once we determined the vision, I began sketching initial concepts. I was given a lot of creative freedom and the team was happy with the process. We used Dropbox Paper to organize the specs, then met every couple weeks to review the designs and implement requested changes.
Working on this map taught me how to design for large format printing and prepress. This project also marked the beginning of a love for architectural and destination illustration. Every detail was hand drawn, scanned, modified in Photoshop, laid out in Illustrator, vectorized, then further modified until finished.