Human trafficking prevention has been on my heart since I heard about it at twelve years old. In 2018, I had the honor of being selected to work with Remember Nhu for two months in Thailand. Between the costs of the trip and the money I was raising to donate, I needed $5,000 USD. I soon began the process of building an effective campaign for my fundraiser. Using only social media, I was able to raise the full amount and more. In addition to branding the campaign, I produced informational videos, Instagram story updates, and posts. I also sold commissioned illustrations and t-shirts. After the campaign ended, each sponsor was given a thank you postcard for donating! I named the campaign "Therefore Go" — after the great commission in scripture. The primary graphic was a memorial built in honor Thailand's former king. The Thai people called Bhumibol "The People's King" because of his great generosity and kindness.