Photos by Nicolette Lovell – courtesy of City Scout Magazine

Hi, my name is Jess and I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and hand lettering artist! My creative journey began when I entered my artwork in a statewide contest at age fifteen. After winning, I continued entering my work in contests and freelancing for friends. A couple of years later, I moved to Portland for design school, graduated in 2017, then interned for Murmur Creative before landing my first job as a graphic designer at Design Aglow. After a year of working in the industry, I took a break from my career to travel overseas and serve with an organization that does human trafficking prevention in Thailand. Once I returned, I jumped into back into freelancing, joined the Paper Source team, and began teaching creative lettering workshops! Out of those workshops, I made new connections and received inquiries about lettering for weddings. Currently, I am working on passion projects, freelancing, and exploring new avenues to continue teaching lettering.